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Animation Multimedia, PHP, Web Designing, SEO Training, Personality Development

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About SQUADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd

SQUADM Technologies Private Limited is a Software Development Company established during 2005-2006. It is providing IT & Software solutions to more than 500 customers located in countries like India, USA, UAE, Uganda, UK etc. The company provides software products and customized solutions for various applications like Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Government, Training, web application development, embedded system manufacturing, digital security surveillance

Courses Offered in SQUADM Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • 2D Animation Training
  • 3D Animation Training
  • Animation & Multimedia Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • SEO Certification Training
  • SEO Consulting Training
  • SEO Training
  • Interpersonal Skills Training
  • Interview preparation Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Spoken English Training
  • Advanced PHP Training
  • Advanced Web Designing Training
  • CSS 3.0 Training
  • Dreamweaver Training
  • HTML 4 & 5 Training
  • PHP/MYSQL Training
  • Web Designing Training
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