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Mahadev Prasad M
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"#1, Leela Mansion MS Ramiah Road [Invalid GB Certificate] Mathikere

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IFX Animation Training Center, a high-end Multi Media training and research center is taking on the challenge of shaping the gateway to the future.The entertainment industry has seen some of the most radical changes since the advent of Multi Media, Commercial, Cinemas and Televisions will never be the same again, as stunning visual effects and artistry has enthralled viewers.Our professional instructors will take on in depth with the Technics that make the characters and environments come alive - from modelling and rigging to texturing and composting. Whether one dreams of creating arts for video games, or fantastic characters for an animated feature, we can help you turn your raw talent into a career in 2D & 3D Computer Animation & Web Development.

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Courses Offered in IFX Animation Training Centre

  • 2D Animation Training
  • 3D Animation Training
  • 3D Movie Maker Training
  • 3D Studio Max Training
  • 3DVIA Training
  • AC3D 3D modeling Training
  • Adobe Audition Training
  • Adobe certification Training
  • Adobe CQ5 Training
  • Adobe Development Training
  • Adobe Director Training
  • Adobe Dreamweaver Training
  • Adobe Flash Training
  • Adobe Illustrator Training
  • Adobe Indesign Training
  • Adobe Photoshop Training
  • Adobe Premiere Training
  • AutoCad Viz Training
  • AutoQ3D Training
  • Avid Training
  • Bryce Training
  • Camtasia Training
  • Catia 3D Training
  • Cinema 4D Training
  • Corel DRAW Training
  • Digital Design Training
  • formZ 3d Training
  • Google SketchUp Training
  • Hexagon 3D Training
  • Houdini Training
  • LightWave 3D Training
  • Mocha Training
  • MTASC Training
  • OpenFX Training
  • Poser 3D Training
  • Remo 3D Training
  • Rhinoceros 3D Training
  • Shade 3D Training
  • Silo 3d Training
  • swfmill 3D Training
  • Vue 3D Training
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